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The Messy Mansion

Imagine a place where you will play messy challenges everyday and live the messiest adventure of your life... This sound the perfect place for a young enthusiastic French girl.
Follow Emma's messiest week in this amazing place.
The Messy Mansion (38 chapters)

The Messy Tournament

After her messy adventure in the Mansion, Emma and her new teammate are competing against other Mansion's best guests.
New characters, new places, new challenges... but always in the messy way!
The Messy Tournament (21 chapters)

Stand alone stories

The Messy Boss

A bitchy boss, two young vengeful employees and a warehouse full of stuff... What could go wrong?
The messy boss

Emma's first year at the Mansion

Emma is celebrating her first year at the Mansion. She requests an unforgettable messy party... She will not be disappointed!
Emma's first year at the Mansion

The WAM convention

The team went to Berlin for a WAM convention. Many exhibitors and material to discover. Guest could also test their messy skills on cute host, there are no way Emma would miss such opportunity!
The WAM convention